Madelyn Bullard

The original meaning of the word “heal” is to make whole.  It is my firm belief that we are all inherently whole, though our fragmented parts may, at times, sing out with the loudest voices.  Often we need others to remember this, to co-create healing portals where stagnant places can begin to feel the pleasure of movement again.

Each person who comes into my office is whole already, intact with a deep, inner wisdom.  In a contained environment it is possible to relearn who we are and make new choices regarding how we wish to engage with the world. Healing is not only present moment, but intergenerational, in a complex dance with systemic layers of contemporary reality.  I welcome this complexity, just as I welcome you with an open heart and a trauma-informed lens to relational psychotherapy.  I bring a somatic sensibility, a kind, loving presence, and genuine curiosity about who you are in this moment.  

Together let’s co-create a more imaginative future by tapping into the potency of the present.  I’m honored to hold space for your journey toward empowerment.

“Love is developing our own capacity for spaciousness within ourselves to allow others to be as they are. Love is space.”

- Rev. angel Kyodo williams