Kirsten Ryczek

Every human being at their core naturally wants to heal and transform. Regardless of one’s past history, therapy itself provides a safe context for that exploration. It is a space between worlds, between inner realms and outer realities, where the magic of integration can swirl the two together. I seek to provide an unconditionally accepting container that allows for the knowing of one’s innate wholeness to emerge and express.  

My practice is to hold compassionate, reflective space for you to discover the tenderest edges of your brilliant resiliency and to witness yourself in your sacred unfolding. My approach is grounded in listening to the stories your body wishes to share beneath the words and drawing them to your awareness. We will gently tease the pieces apart and nourish them back together; we will invite your inner knowing into the room and allow it to warmly inform and restore you towards a deeper embodiment of your innate wholeness. My approach draws from psychodynamic, somatic, and mindful awareness practices. I have deep reverence for the realms of dreams, nature and psychedelic experiences.