Grishma Gautam is a CSP Trainee at the Center for Somatic Psychotherapy at CIIS. Grishma Gautam

Therapy to me is a sacred space of self-discovery that accesses and weaves innate wisdom into integrated wholeness. Rooted in eastern spirituality, I see body as a reflection of mind that holds deep knowledge which, in the lap of awareness, becomes accessible and moves us from helplessness to empowered choices. Through non-judgmental empathic presence, I support clients to bring awareness to felt-experiences that reform unconscious patterns of dis-ease into conscious patterns of ease. 

I view our habitual patterns as “survival-adaptive reactions” to one’s internal & external situations. I place experiences into one’s contextual layers, as we are influenced by an interconnected web of systems, cultures, and ancestral memory. 

No matter how broken one may feel, I believe we have an inherent ability to heal. With collaborative curiosity, kindness, and compassion, we will create a nurturing environment that supports the healing process by making space for that which yearns to be heard, seen, felt, and held. 

I work relationally as I believe it is through attuned interconnectedness that our nervous system rewires towards transformation. I integrate spiritual, experiential, neuroscience, Hakomi, Internal Family Systems, psychodynamics, social-justice, and trauma frameworks. 

“Having the inner strength, balance and capability to live well irrespective of outside situations and conditions-that is Freedom” – Sadhguru