Erica Dal Col

A few years ago, when I suggested to my father for him to look for a therapist, he smiled connivingly at me and whispered, "Find me one who works at the bank and can offer me a loan." His answer, genuine within his universe, synthesizes a conception as widespread as unreal about this tool. Unlike a source of answers, the therapeutic process is a catalyst for new questions, a subverter of the incontestable. 

My job is to appear in each session stripped of my certainties, able to hold a space safe enough for what is most human in each being to reveal itself, with all its pains, with all its potency. I believe that from this very authentic place, we can access all the sources of intelligence available for us to go through life and its adversities. That’s a beautiful encounter of souls. 

My work is informed by body-oriented humanistic approaches such as Hakomi, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Interpersonal Neurobiology. It is also deeply rooted in the concepts of liberation psychology. I offer sessions in English and Portuguese.