Elizabeth Ferreira Elizabeth Ferreira

I believe there is something magical and deeply healing when our bodies meet in a therapeutic relationship. As a sacred witness, I accompany you alongside your journey towards a deeper relationship with yourself. Gently guiding, nourishing, and tending to your nervous system, while attuning to the energies and sensations that often there are no words for, I give space for non-normative and neurodivergent forms of communication and somatic healing. 

My therapeutic approach is one of co-creating a somatically informed process tailored to your unique nervous system and needs. Holistically working with the mind, body, and spirit, I stand on a foundation of trauma theory, Internal Family Systems, Hakomi mindfulness, and Shamanic spiritual practices and modes of healing.

I hold this work with reverence, and I am deeply honored to be of service to you and all your parts that have gone unseen and unmet for far too long. My wish is that our work together feels like a journey and a celebration of your aliveness back to who you truly are. 

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” -Carl Jung