Delilah Raybee

Somatic therapy is a wonderful tool for healing – for feeling wholly integrated in your body, mind and spirit, which are one, but which society and institutions often train us to think of as separate. I take a warm, supportive approach while also challenging you to think in new ways about your past, your patterns and habits, and options for your future. I’ll help you sort through conflicting messages coming from your authentic self, your family, and the culture to come to decisions and actions that feel right for you.  Whether you have experienced a recent trauma or loss or are just feeling stuck about where your life path is going, working with a somatic therapist can help.  I use a mindful (or bodyful) approach. Prior to training as a therapist, I trained as a homeopath and have a strong interest in holistic and energetic healing modalities.  I work with individuals or couples who are going through a transition or looking to make more meaningful connections. I am married and parenting a school-aged child.