Chloë Frisella Kunst

Every part of you is welcome here. Together we can create a brave and curious space to attune to the places within you that need care. I will offer support so you can access the aspects of yourself that know what it feels like to be resourced.

My work honors and supports resources accessed through the wisdom of your mind, body, life story, the earth, your ancestry and cultures of origin, and the many other access points that exist, all of which may offer you guidance and insight on your healing journey.

My work draws from the fields of somatic psychology, neuroscience and their lineage that has grown out of mind-body traditions from around the world. My work is also informed by my background in dance and movement.

I am a white, queer, non-binary therapist with a social justice lens. I am honored to serve individuals needing support to better survive and thrive while living in a world full of trauma. I also support those exploring their relationship to their many identities, and to oppression, power and privilege.