Grishma Gautam is a CSP Trainee at the Center for Somatic Psychotherapy at CIIS. Ben Brees

I have a deep appreciation for the importance of considering the body in the process of building greater emotional self-awareness and resilience. I see early relationships as foundational to how we operate in the world and believe we can use this lens to promote greater insight and capacity for change. My clinical approach acknowledges the important roles that mindfulness and curiosity play in achieving and maintaining wellness. I am also very interested in the role that trauma and chronic stress play in impeding mental health and access to one’s emotions and the capacity to regulate them.

Under the right conditions we all have the capacity to heal and thrive. I believe that therapy provides an opportunity to heal places inside ourselves that may feel stuck, fixed, or repetitive.

I offer therapy that is trauma-informed and experiential. Experiential therapy provides an opportunity to study how your experience is organized from moment-to-moment and allows us to hold tender areas that may need support, and nourishes the areas that are already shining bright. Working experientially allows us to integrate felt senses, emotions, movement, and cognitive ways of knowing.