Azra Poe is a CSP Trainee at the Center for Somatic Psychotherapy at CIIS. Azra Poe

In our sessions, I will be curious with you about your experience of yourself. As we pay attention to how you share your stories, we will discover what it tells us about how you feel safe or not in yourself and your environment. Together we can give attention and tender care to best support your healing and growth.

 My approach is to ask your permission to stay with some of the emotions that arise as you share your experiences with me. When you are curious enough to linger inside, I will invite you to check in with the wisdom of your being. Healing will show us the way when we feel safe enough to listen.   

Therapy can be helpful for rewiring our wounding as children. I believe in the power of co-regulation to repair missing childhood experiences. I am honest and live from my authenticity as much as is accessible to me in my own growth and healing.