Julie (Atlantis) Beckham is a CSP Trainee at the Center for Somatic Psychotherapy at CIIS. Julie (Atlantis) Beckham

I see somatic therapy as an antidote for a human body in a tech world. Everything moves so fast, and it can be challenging to feel ourselves and know what we are needing and how to provide that or reach for that, how to create space for healing, rest, and play, how to relate to others in a way that is honest and mutually beneficial. My aim is to create a nourishing and accepting space where whatever is presently happening can be witnessed and explored. I aim to support you to feel what you are feeling and to tune into your own timing and rhythms. I aim to support your capacity to enjoy, embrace, and play with all the moments of your life, even the hard and the painful ones. I feel delighted to participate in this practice with you, and hopeful for what will emerge.

My therapeutic approach incorporates breathwork, improvisation, movement, Internal Family Systems, attachment theory, Hakomi mindfulness, self-love and acceptance, and lots of tending to the nervous system.

“Oh Love may you and I conspire to shatter the sorry state of things entire, and rebuild them closer to our heart’s desire!” -Omar Khayyam