Anna Vishnyakova Anna Vishnyakova

Therapy is a relational bridge that guides one back into connection with oneself and others. It lights the way to the sometimes lost gateways leading to life's essential necessities of safety, trust, autonomy, and belonging. 

The somatic aspect of my approach invites reconnecting to those aspects of life through the experiential wisdom of the felt experience. In my sessions, I offer a judgment-free, nurturing, and open-hearted space for this process to unfold. With attunement to your needs, I invite you to the experiential process where together we create a greater awareness of your body’s innate wisdom. We learn to regulate arising emotional states and navigate through them as I facilitate the inner work that prepares your nervous systems to meet challenging emotional experiences, seeking whole-body recognition and integration. 

Guided by a trauma-informed framework, my therapeutic approach rests on various fundamental concepts of attachment and polyvagal theories. Hakomi, Somatic Internal Family Systems, and Sensorimotor are the modalities that support my therapeutic guidance. 

I stand by the wisdom of Ram Das, who expresses beautifully:

We're All Just Walking Each Other Home.