Anna Duran Anna Duran

Therapy is a process of self-discovery, working to heal all parts of self into integrated wholeness. By slowing down and embodying intuitive wisdom with compassion and curiosity, we can explore what emerges. Together we will unfold the cycles, coping skills, and resources that have brought you to the present. We will weave together your external and internal experiences to discover what works best for regulating and thriving.

I invite you to warmly welcome all that is present; be it now occurring, memories, societal influences, familial upbringing, or ancestral memory. Through somatic and mindful awareness practices we will process and explore what leads the body, mind, and spirit to peace, empowerment, regulation, and new expression.

My relational approach is influenced by the frameworks of somatic Internal Family Systems, polyvagal theory, Hakomi, attachment theory, and mindful awareness practices, as well as my background in dance, movement, and massage therapy.

I am a Mexican American, LGBT, queer, gender fluid therapist. It is my honor to work with and support individuals who are exploring their own relation to identity and self-discovery.