Alice Geronimo

Welcome! I am glad you’re here.  

If there is one thing this past year has shown us, it is that life is ever-changing by nature. We have little control over external events. In my practice, I will help you create a space in which you are the author of the changes you make for yourself. 

I perceive therapy as a blank page where both client and therapist are drawing, painting, burning, and coloring this page with various parts of ourselves. All these parts are welcomed, embraced, and validated. There is space for everyone here. For me, it is a place for human growth through the richness of our combined knowledge because we are naturally creative, vibrant, and connected beings. You deserve to be here and to be known for the gift you are in this world.  

I believe our bodies carry our stories. By bringing awareness to the body, I will help you enter into a more satisfying relationship with your story and your emotions. By using holistic therapies, I will assist you to find resources to support you on your journey. 

Trilingual speaking French, Spanish, English.