Alejandra Echeverri

The body always leads us home… if we can simply learn to trust sensation and to stay with it long enough for it to reveal appropriate action, movement, insight, or feeling.

  • Pat Ogden
    I have always found therapy to be a courageous journey of the body, mind, and soul. A lifetime’s work of learning to uncover our deep-seated patterns and our essence. To heal, we need to go through the muddy waters of our psych and witness the unseen memories that live in our bodies. Let me tell you that pain and trauma can be transformed. A window can be opened, and fresh air can be let in.  
    I am a somatic oriented therapist. My approach is relational, trauma-informed, and psychoanalytical oriented. I am sensorimotor psychotherapy level 1 in training.

    I am here, present and I am open to sitting with you.