Alaina Kaufman is a CSP Trainee at the Center for Somatic Psychotherapy at CIIS. Alaina Kaufman

Healing is a process of coming together, of weaving broken fragments back into an integrated whole. With curiosity and compassion, I invite clients to slow down with me and to tune into the innate wisdom of the body; bringing the stories in the mind together with the physical impulses and feelings that are alive in the body.  I believe that we are doing ourselves a major disservice if we ignore or override the vital messages and wisdom passed down to us, held in, and conveyed through our bodies.  

With warmth and a non-judgmental attitude, I support clients in reclaiming a robust sense of aliveness and purpose. Together we can explore and discover new ways of increasing awareness, shedding light on patterns or places where we feel stuck or trapped, and of building self-compassion and a sense of safety in our daily lives. 

My approach is trauma- informed and influenced by polyvagal theory, attachment theory, somatic internal family systems, Hakomi and psychodynamics, as well as by my background in neuromuscular massage therapy, yoga, dance, shamanism, and Reiki.