By Heidi Fraser Hageman May 5, 2015

East-West Psychology core faculty member Dr. Glenn Hartelius has been awarded $15,000 for his research endeavors! The proposed research will look at neurobiological correlates of various attentional postures using EEG equipment. The present endeavor brings neuroscience together with Glenn's work in the somatic phenomenology of states of consciousness, based on 15 years of clinical work, scholarship, and research. The project is designed to measure whether attentional postures can be correlated with specific brain states; and if successful, it may help to bridge the current gap between brain activity and lived experience. The project exemplifies Glenn's vision for whole-person neuroscience, in which the insights gained from meditation, ancient spiritual traditions, and deeply-lived experience can be examined using the tools of neuroscience together with the philosophies of integral and transpersonal approaches. This foundational research in consciousness could have many practical  applications in leadership, education, and psychology.

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