By Marisa Manriquez June 12, 2014

In March of this year, Regina Lynne Wallace (MA graduate, 2012) presented a workshop titled, "The Motherline: An Exploration Into Healing Female Lineage Trauma" at the Empowering Women of Color Conference (EWOCC) at UC Berkeley. The workshop focuses on ancestral healing, and looks at the psycho-spiritual legacies of our geneologies. Regina received the inspiration for this workshop from a research project that each Women's Spirituality student is assigned in her first year of graduate school at CIIS, which looks at the legacies of our maternal lineages. Regina also credits the inspiration for this work to the mentorship and work with healers such as Sobonfu Some, Joy DeGruy, Luisah Teish ,Eduardo Duran, Riane Eisler, and others who teach regularly at CIIS and the Women's Spirituality program.

In addition to being a scholar, Regina is also a healer, artist, activist, and educator. Since receiving her Masters degree from the Women's Spirituality Program in 2012, Regina has been traveling, teaching, presenting, and designing curriculum in the intersecting areas of permaculture, social justice, women's healing, and earth-based spirituality. Her work combines various tools and techniques that work to integrate and balance the whole person in a framework that emphasizes social justice and interconnection. Since presenting at EWOCC, Regina has been invited to offer her work at other institutions and organizations. She is an excellent example of the ways our graduates are sharing the transformative tools our curriculum has to offer with the world.

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