May 24, 2022

CIIS’ 54th Commencement Ceremony was a truly special and unique rite of passage for the class of 2022. For the third year in a row, the university hosted the ceremony virtually to include our online and distance learners. Additionally, for the first time since 2019, graduates and their families were invited to celebrate in-person with a watch party and reception at the CIIS Mission campus. 

Maintaining CIIS’ commitment to holistic and inclusive experiences, the virtual ceremony included remarks by Chief Diversity Officer, Rachel Bryant, a performance by Bay Area local group Astralogik, and Invocation and Benediction by Marvin K. White, Interim Minister of Celebration at Glide SF.

Watch the full recording of CIIS' 54th Commencement Ceremony

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Chief Diversity Officer, Rachel Bryant, offered an opening blessing and welcome: 

“We ask in the name of ALL that is loving and sacred that You bless and guide our graduates as they make this rite of passage, and as they chart a new and bright beginning. May the knowledge they gained as students become deep, and actionable wisdom. May they go forth and truly become the healers, the teachers, and innovators we need today.” 

President Brock Blomberg, Ph.D. honored the class of 2022’s courage and commitment in his speech which touched on the themes of transformation and resilience.

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The ceremony welcomed philosopher and politician, Karan Singh, to share a frank call to action drawing on the wisdom from his 91 years working for global change and healing. 

“Graduates of the year, the world you are going to go into is out of joint, human civilization seems to be wrecked with concrete confusion and chaos. We have tremendous progress of course. we’ve reached the moon, we’re reaching out for the planets and beyond, but at the same time we are facing major calamities [on a global scale]... In such a difficult situation, you need to have integral education to enable you with these problems. Let me very briefly point out what I consider integral education to be: the body, the mind, emotions and spiritual development… If you can keep these four right, then you will be in the position to meet the very difficult situations that you are going to face. There is a lot of corruption, a lot of terrible things going on, but you must keep the faith. You are the young people who will build the new India, and the new America, the new world, and the new consciousness.”

For a musical interlude, the Bay Area group, Astralogik, shared their song Groovin' Up

Up close portrait of the two members of Astralogik in colorful outfits with trees behind them Astralogik featuring Ruby Ibbarra Groovin' Up Play Video
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As has become customary for our virtual ceremony, our department chairs offered words of affirmation and congratulations as they read the list of graduates’ names.

“We want to congratulate all of our graduates on the achievement of this significant milestone. May you be a light to your community, the profession, and to the world at large. Thank you.” — Rene Dumetz, Chair, Clinical Psychology

“On behalf of myself and all of the staff, we would like to wish you a heartfelt congratulations on completing your journey here. We hope on this day of commencement activities you are filled with a deep sense of accomplishment and joy. We wish you all well on your continuing path forward to becoming the best clinicians we know you will become. Congratulations on a job well done!” — Anna Benassi, Interim Chair, Integral Counseling Psychology

"I am truly honored to be here to express my deepfelt pride in the perserverence and empathy of our 2022 graduates. For 42 years now the ACTCM clinic has been treating thousands of paitents throughout the bay area and beyond. Many coming from disadvantaged and marginalsized backgrounds. From our main campus here on arkansas streat to the women's health center to glide memorial all of you, have made lives better healther, truly affecting change for the betterment of our community, I honor your journey to the next chapter beyond the confines of this campus taking you deeper into your practice, that will be more fulfilling than you can imagine. please keep actcm in yoru hearts as we keep you in ours. Many blessings." — Ian Hua, Clinic Operations Director ACTCM Clinic

Dr. Philip McAdoo, Transformative Studies alum, heartily welcomed the graduates of 2022 as the newest members of the distinguished CIIS Alumni Association.  

"So, I say to you today; that you are prepared. You have been trained, you have been loved, you have been supported, you are ready to imagine a new possibility not only for your life but for those whose lives you will touch. Know this, and go be great. And remember, you can always come home.” 

Finally beloved President Emeritus, Robert McDermott, was honored for his retirement this year with a closing quote. 

Special thanks to our Speakers, Marvin K. White, Rachel Bryant, Brock Bloomberg, Karan Singh, Sarah Lewis, Kathy Littles, Philip McAdoo, our Commencement Committee, Fraylanie Aglipay, Richard Buggs, Ben Cline, Michele DeMarco, Crystal Erlendson, Dan Gurler, Deon Ridgell, and our Video Production team, Jeremy Snowden, Jack Sample, Jason Walos, Chris Jones, and Nelson Melgar.

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