PCC Faculty

Click on the videos below for a curated playlist of lectures from each member of PCC's core faculty. Open the links in Youtube to view the expanded playlists. 

Professor Richard Tarnas

You can find more from Richard Tarnas at his website, here

Professor Elizabeth Allison

Professor Brian Swimme 

Professor Sean Kelly  

Professor and PCC Chair Jacob Sherman   

Professor Robert McDermott

You can find more from Robert McDermott at his website, here.

Professor Matt Segall

You can find more from Matt Segall at his website, here.

Click here for a playlist of more PCC faculty videos.

The PCC Forum

The PCC Forum is an interdisciplinary lecture series that features CIIS professors and students, visiting scholars, artists, and more! To view a playlist of lectures from the PCC Forum, click here. To view a playlist of lectures from the PCC Forum,  click here or view below.

Student Presentations

Visit PCC's YouTube channel for more videos

PCC on Public Programs

A SoundCloud playlist of faculty and graduates presenting for the CIIS Public Programs series.

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