COVID-19 Update from the Program

For Fall 2020, in response to the ongoing pandemic and the important need to reduce the spread of the infection, CIIS has announced that all Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness (PCC) classes will be conducted virtually. This applies to both our online and our residential programs. In both cases, there will be no on-campus meetings. The situation for Spring is currently undecided. These measures are being undertaken by PCC and CIIS in response to state and local guidelines, San Francisco regulations, and a real concern to consider the health of all within our community, including those who may be especially vulnerable.    
As those who have taken our online courses already know, the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program has been building a wonderful online community and a culture of rich online learning for a number of years now and we’re grateful to have those things in place as we confront the challenges of our current moment. We are also actively instituting for new ways for faculty, students, and alumni to share work with one another and to collaborate through co-curricular online symposia, workshops, the PCC Forum, and other such options

PCC is no longer accepting applications for Spring 2021. Fall 2021 applications opened on November 15, 2020.

Spring and Fall 2021 Application - click here

Application Deadline Information for Spring 2021:

October 15, 2020 – 1st Priority deadline. Submit by October 15th for guaranteed review. ​After this date, some programs may be full and only interview for waitlist spots or not be able to further review applications.
November 15, 2020Deadline. Submit by November 15th by 11:59pm PT. Some programs may already be full.
December 1, 2020 - Final deadline. Submit by December 1st by 11:59pm PT. Please contact your Admissions Counselor  if you miss this deadline.

Please note: The Integral Counseling Psychology (ICP) and the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness (PCC) programs are now closed for Spring 2021 (for PCC this includes in-person, online, and the Integral Ecology Certificate program).

Please note: The following programs are an exception to the 11/15/2020 opening of Fall 2021 applications, and will announce their opening date soon: Women's Spirituality (PhD) and Women, Gender, Spirituality, and Social Justice (MA). Thank you for your patience.

Application Deadline Information for Fall 2021:

January 15, 2021 -  Deadline for Drama Therapy. Submit by January 15th at 11:59pm PT for guaranteed review. After this date, the Drama Therapy program may have received enough application and only consider further applications for waitlist spots or not be able to further review applications.  After 1/15, check with the Drama Therapy admissions counselor Skylar Hall (
February 15, 2021 - 1st priority deadline for all other programs. Submit by February 15th at 11:59pm PT for guaranteed review. After this date, some programs may be full and only interview for waitlist spots or not be able to further review applications. 

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The Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program is dedicated to re-imagining the human species as a mutually enhancing member of the Earth community.

Our program attracts intellectually engaged individuals who are in varying degrees dismayed by what they see happening in modern societies and who are striving to find meaningful ways to develop their gifts to serve the future of the world.

The program supports those called to meet the earth community's unprecedented evolutionary challenge by offering a rigorous and supportive learning community in which students find their voice and vision as leaders. Read more about us, or explore our residential MA and PhDonline MA and PhD, and certificate programs.

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