Starting Fall 2023, our degrees will have a new name:
PhD in Psychology, concentration in Integral Transpersonal Psychology
PhD in Psychology, concentration in Somatic Psychology 

As a result of our recent program review, we are making some updates to our curriculum, and we have a new degree name. 

The core of our curriculum and the educational values that drive our program remain the same. Our focus will continue to be on the lived experience of being human, including the spiritual, exceptional, and body. We remain guided by and dedicated to offering integral education that honors intellectual excellence, perspective and practice that include spirituality and the body, and the transformative capacities of rigorous inquiry and writing. 

We'll continue to offer a high quality, online PhD for students in whole-person approaches to psychology. 

Integral Transpersonal Psychology and Somatic Psychology will continue to share some core writing and research courses. Our new degree name reflects our two independent tracks: Integral Transpersonal Psychology and Somatic Psychology.  

We are also posting a few curriculum updates here. We look forward to talking with you about them at the CIIS Open House and our Information Meetings. We hope you'll join us. 

Department Overview

CIIS’ Integral and Transpersonal Psychology department seeks to ground academic excellence and the acquisition of professional skills in both the personal transformation of students and the cultivation of a spiritually-informed scholarship.

Transpersonal psychology integrates the mind, body, and the felt connection with a diverse, interconnected, and evolving world. The field pays particular attention to mystical, spiritual, and other exceptional human experiences associated with healing and transformation—encounters that disclose a vibrant reality that enfolds our seemingly individual minds.

Our doctoral graduates are trained for professional careers in education and academia, activism and organizing, psychology, and fi elds related to personal development, social change, and environmental protection.

Our faculty have a wide range of research interests, among them: cultural and historical consciousness studies, spiritual experiences, tantric meditation, altered consciousness and unusual/anomalous experiences, neuroscience of hypnosis and meditation, brain architecture and neurorehabilitation, creative process and cognition, and somatic, developmental, psychoanalytic, and trauma-based psychological theories.

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Our Approach

We offer a whole-person approach to transpersonal psychology that includes learning and research structured to meet the needs and goals of working professionals. 

Our department is guided by and dedicated to offering an integral education that honors intellectual excellence, spirituality as perspective and practice, and the transformative capacities of inquiry and writing. 

We are committed to diversity and inclusion, embodied tools for scholarship, systematic approaches to building transpersonal areas of knowledge, and whole-person learning, including the student's psycho-spiritual development. 

We promote competence in a wide range of research methods and tools, with the goal of enabling students to participate in systematic, scientific knowledge building from the transformative and whole-person stances of integral and transpersonal psychology. Faculty with substantial editorial experience with peer-reviewed journals can help guide students in writing for publication.

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How to Apply

Accepting Fall 2023 applications

Priority deadline for Fall 2023 - February 15, 2023

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