In conjunction with CIIS’ Counseling Psychology department, the MCP Field Placement Office supports the clinical training component for the five Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology programs at CIIS: Community Mental Health, Drama Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Integral Counseling Psychology, Somatic Psychology.

Office Overview

The MCP Field Placement Office supports students, faculty, and staff in identifying clinical field placements that meet academic program requirements and mandates of the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, and are supportive to students' individual educational goals and passions.

Our office has approved more than 200 sites throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, where students serve as trainees working with diverse populations in settings that include mental health clinics, hospitals, schools, and a variety of clinical social service settings.

Included in our approved sites are the five CIIS Integral Counseling Centers which serve as potential practicum placements for our MCP students.

What is Practicum?

Practicum is the fieldwork experience component of the Master’s in Counseling Psychology degree at CIIS. The practicum year is a vital and rigorous experience for the clinical training component of all of our degrees.

One year of approved clinical fieldwork (or the equivalent of six semester units) is required as a part of each student's degree. Fieldwork gives you the opportunity to apply your coursework learnings to everyday practice in the counseling psychology field.

*Each program has unique practicum requirements. Please visit their respective pages for specifics.

Practicum Requirements

  1. Fulfill prerequisites for practicum; become program-approved.
  2. Identify appropriate and approved practicum sites.
  3. Apply, interview, and become accepted by an approved practicum site. Students are encouraged to apply to at least six practicum sites. Application is competitive.
  4. Complete and file paperwork approved by CIIS and program.
    • File the Supervised Fieldwork Agreement with the Field Placement Office.
    • Register for Supervision with either a CIIS group supervision/case conference/proseminar class or a CIIS-approved individual supervision with the Registrar's Office.
  5. Complete and have supervisors sign the required BBS paperwork.
  6. Register for CIIS supervision during each semester of practicum.
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Practicum Fair and Workshops

The MCP Field Placement Office holds Practicum Information Workshops during the fall and spring semesters. These workshops provide students the opportunity to learn more about the practicum component and application process.  

The office also holds an annual Practicum Fair every winter. The Practicum Fair allows students to explore the opportunities available and identify a placement that supports their career goals.

Contact Us

Our office is located at the Mission Street Campus in Rooms 200 and 200A. Group and individual consultation, resume review, and practicum interview preparation are available by appointment. Please contact us:

Teresa King
MCP Field Placement Manager

Juliet Ernst
MCP Field Placement Senior Manager

Becky McGovern
MCP Field Placement Director

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