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Toby Spiegel, Applied Psychology, Program Director
California Institute of Integral Studies
1453 Mission St. San Francisco, CA, 94103
tspiegel@ciis.edu | 562-383-2429

Fraylanie Aglipay, Dean of Students
California Institute of Integral Studies 
1453 Mission St. San Francisco, CA, 94103
faglipay@ciis.edu |415- 655- 5573

International Students Admissions


1. How long is the program?
Each of the certificate programs is two weeks of full-time study on the CIIS campus in San Francisco, CA, in the U.S..

2. How many students are admitted into the program?
Each program accepts 25-30 students per offering.

3. What kinds of students are attracted to the program?
Students come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, among them are aerospace engineers, bankers, city planners, entrepreneurs, psychologists, students, and professors-one of whom is a visiting scholar from Harvard and another from the University of Virginia. What they share is a desire to become better therapists and to enhance their counseling skills, by studying advanced approaches and techniques used in American clinical practice.

CIIS prides itself on integral education and offers an inclusive learning environment to all students.

4. Do I need a degree or a license to apply to the programs?
No, but we do expect that students have some background in or experience with psychology or counseling prior to attending the program.

5. Do I have to study in the U.S.?
Yes. Each of the certificate programs requires on-campus attendance.

6. Do you offer the certificate programs online?
No. Not at this time.

7. When can I apply?
Applications are accepted for each of the certificate programs beginning:

  • Summer: June 1 
  • Gestalt: May 1
  • Human Sexuality: September 1

For more information on international study, please visit www.ciis.edu/admissions-and-financial-aid/international-students/faqs or contact Jody O'Connor, Associate Director of Student Affairs, International Student Recruitment and Services at joconnor@ciis.edu or 415-575-6157.


Watch CIIS President Emerita, Judy Wexler, China Projects Vice President, Linxin Huang, and others talk about the vision, mission, faculty, and experience of China Projects and CIIS. https://vimeo.com/user89013803

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