In collaboration with CIIS and Building 180, Ananta is hosting a new Artist in Residency Program focused on the intersection of art, consciousness and technology.

Nested on a low hill amidst the Santa Cruz mountains in Boulder Creek, CA, Ananta is surrounded by a rainforest of ancient redwood trees. We invite artists to join us in hopes that the work they create here aligns with our mission to catalyze peace intelligence through art, consciousness and technology in nature.

The Ananta Artist in Residency has the support of two partners:Building 180, an art production and consulting company, based in San Francisco, CA, and thePhilosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness graduate program of California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

We are searching for up to three participants and one fellow to join in a unique venture aiming to nurture and express their artistic vision(s) in relation to our evolving technology. We encourage participants to apply for either our Collaborative Program or Individual Program, which run in tandem. The Collaborative Program seeks to combine artists and technologists of different disciplines to create a project that they would otherwise not be able to make on their own. If interested in the Collaborative Program either the program will “match” you with another applicant or you may apply with a team.  

Ideal applicants may find themselves pondering questions like:

  • Where does human creativity come from?
  • How can artists inform the way machines are made from aesthetic and moral sensibilities?
  • How might technological innovation be directed toward the flourishing of human and nonhuman life forms?
  • What kind of creation results when we aim to integrate our human subjectivity with the evolutionary powers of the universe?
  • How might the re-integration of nature and consciousness inform our artistic approach?
  • How might a more cosmologically-informed artistic lens transform the way we design and relate to increasingly intelligent machines?
  • What happens when a cyborg drinks ayahuasca?

This six-week, rent-free residency is an evolutionary experiment at the intersection of art and technology seeking to explore questions at the wild and wired frontiers of human consciousness. Special guests will visit the residents during their stay to offer inspirational talks and workshops.

The residency culminates in a final celebratory showcase of our artists' work at the main campus of CIIS in San Francisco, CA.

Ananta at Twilight.


  • Several acres of land to explore and immerse yourself
  • 6-weeks, rent free in a private living quarter on the property
  • A large workspace
  • Access to a communal kitchen
  • Inclusion in Ananta Events, Workshops and Gatherings


  • Application Opens: 12/17
  • Application Closes: 1/31
  • Selection Notification: 2/15
  • Dates of Residency: 3/15-4/26
  • End of Residency Showcase: 4/27


  • All applicants must submit by the deadline 
  • All applicants must be over 18 
  • All applicants must have their own means of transportation - Ananta is secluded in the hills of Santa Cruz 
  • Artists will be asked to host a community workshop and/or private “show-and-tell” 
  • Participation in the end-of-residency event/showcase End-of-program exit interview to assist in the betterment of the program


  • The Fellows Program is central to the creative, programmatic and operational life of Ananta Artist in Residency. Each Fellow brings a distinctive voice to the project, and contributes to the building of the community in a multitude of ways. Fellows will pursue their individual creative works, whatever form they take and also help with the AIR Program.
  • Fellows will assist in programming from spontaneous actions and one-day events, to workshops, long-form courses, exhibitions and such. The Fellows also contribute to the ongoing construction, operations and administration. They bring a wide array of knowledge and skills to these efforts as well as help build the community 
  • This is a work / trade share, Fellows will help develop the community and program as well as have their own space to create. Free room and board and creative space will be offered for a 8 week period. Fellows are asked to come early and stay one week late to help close program. Fellows are not required to showcase at the end of the residency event.

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