Climate Psychology Certificate

Climate Psychology Certificate

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The Climate Psychology Certificate provides psychological training and skills for therapists, healers, and allied professionals to competently and innovatively address the growing mental health impacts of the climate emergency. Utilizing an integrative and robust framework that includes multiple behavioral science approaches and philosophies, as well as a view into the broken systemic legacies from which painful eco-emotional conditions arise, climate psychology is adaptable to various therapeutic orientations.

The primary focus of the Climate Psychology Certificate is to provide training that can be incorporated into clinical practice for working therapeutically with the lived experiences of eco-anxiety, eco-grief, and many expressions of climate-invoked dread. Participants learn about:

  • Immediate mental health impacts of climate related disasters
  • Long term stress of living with the reality of climate change over time
  • Trauma-informed therapeutic and emotional resiliency skills with ways of motivating effective action
  • Existential dilemmas that come into the therapy room, such as whether to have a family, move out of a geographical area to avoid climate-related disasters, kinship breakdown, and more generally, how to navigate one’s own future with escalating threats

The program cohort is intentionally kept small to promote connections among participants that can lead to lifelong networking, shared professional efforts, and cross referrals.

Our Climate Psychology Certificate program will return in 2024

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