Student Testimonials

“This was an excellent, somatically-attuned presentation of very difficult topics and themes related to issues of intersectionality for different marginalized identities. The presenters were all cutting-edge and I feel more connected to what intersectional equity work truly entails.”
- IETPC Alumni, Spring 2021 Cohort

“This certificate program was such a thoughtfully curated program. All of the facilitators brought an immense depth of wisdom, knowledge, skill, humility, and compassion. The lead facilitators were diligent in fostering an experiential, intimate, and safe space to explore difficult topics and to grow and develop our understanding of intersectional identities as it relates to our personal and professional lives. This was undoubtedly the most powerful learning process I have ever undertaken. I am immensely grateful for this training experience and whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone interested in growing their capacities relationally, spiritually, ethically in their work as a practitioner/healer.” - IETPC Alumni, Spring 2021 Cohort

"The topics covered filled some critical gaps in a typical counseling psychology degree education, and facilitated a deeper understanding of the mental health professions from both a modern and historical perspective. After completing this program, I am better prepared to integrate intersectionality and equity practices into my clinical work in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Overall this was both a challenging and very rewarding experience that left me feeling more well-rounded as a trainee therapist, and excited to continue exploring equity work as I journey towards licensure.” -  IETPC Alumni, Spring 2021 Cohort

"The IETPC program significantly enhanced my level of knowledge and skill in intersectionality and equity not only for therapeutic practices, but in my personal life, as well."
- IETPC Alumni, Spring 2021 Cohort

“This program is so timely and so necessary. If you are not willing to do the work of processing your inner perspectives and sitting with discomfort, this may not be the spot for you. If, however, you are willing to be in community with others discussing and actively working to address the many layers of intersectionality and equity, disability justice, institutional and structural racism and discrimination, gender bias and transphobia (just to name a few), then this is right where you need to be." - IEPTC Alumni, Spring 2021 Cohort

“An outstanding dive, both in content and process, into the many-faceted lived experiences of intersectionality.” - IETPC Alumni, Spring 2021 Cohort

"The course is for all who are interested in their own liberatory journey and for those who want to bring justice work to their healing professions.”
- IEPTC Alumni, Spring 2021 Cohort

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