Karine Bell is a trauma therapist, somatics educator and abolitionist.

Claire Haas is a coach, community organizer, and musician.

Amber McZeal is a writer, vocalist, sacred scholar, and activist.

Leticia Nieto PsyD., LMFT, TEP is a psychotherapist and educator specializing in cross-cultural communication, motivation and creativity.

Laura Mae Northrup, MFT is the creator and host of the podcast Inside Eyes, a series that explores the use of entheogens and psychedelics to heal sexual trauma. She is a practicing psychotherapist and educator.

Carlin Quinn, LMFT (She/Her) is a psychotherapist, equity coach, facilitator and anti-racist co-conspirator.

Kai Cheng Thom is a somatic wellness expert, award-winning author, and conflict resolution practitioner.

Erin Trent Johnson is the CEO, principal coach, and founder of Community Equity Partners (CEP) a coaching and leadership development firm that supports leaders and organizations in the education, non-profit, legal justice, education and philanthropic organizations, government agencies, global corporations committed to creating racially just and equitable practices and culture.

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