Zara Zimbardo Zara Zimbardo, MA

Adjunct Lecturer
Bachelor of Art in Interdisciplinary Studies
School of Undergraduate Studies

Adjunct Lecturer
Masters of Fine Arts Program
School of Consciousness and Transformation

MA, California Institute of Integral Studies

Zara Zimbardo, MA, received her Master's degree in Cultural Anthropology and Social Transformation from California Institute of Integral Studies, and has a B.A. in Religious Studies from UC Berkeley. For the last twenty years she has been a body-based therapist both in private practice and community health centers. She is a presenter and published writer on topics of the social construction of whiteness, critical media literacy, Islamophobia, subversion of stereotypes in a time of war, social justice comedy, modern monsters and the zombie apocalypse, and representations of gender, race, consumerism and U.S. imperialism/militarism. 

Zara co-founded the White Noise Collective, an anti-racist feminist training and resource organization. She is a co-founder and Special Projects Director of Partners for Collaborative Change, which supports organizations to become more equitable through democratizing research planning and design, and through anti-oppression facilitation and coaching. A former member of the National Council of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the nation's oldest interfaith peace organization, she has worked in solidarity with nonviolent activists resisting militarism in the U.S., Palestine/Israel and Colombia. 

Her work is influenced by frameworks of critical pedagogy, postcolonial studies, feminist praxis and popular education that seek to make forms of shared knowledge and experience more conscious. She is passionate about facilitation that combines critical dialogue, somatic awareness and Theatre of the Oppressed, a form of community-based inquiry that uses theatre exercises as tools for transformation. Her passions include interdisciplinary cross-pollination, anthropologizing the West, and rendering what is considered "normal" strange . As an educator, she values opportunities to connect issues within the classroom to global and local realities, through deeper understanding of power dynamics, identity construction, histories of the present, unexamined assumptions, and applied projects of relevance. Her goal is to support a context of curiosity, critical thinking and compassion that supports skilled navigation and justice-oriented care for the diverse worlds we inhabit. To learn more about her work, visit Zara's personal website:

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