Sophia Reinders, Adjunct Faculty in the MA and PhD in East-West Psychology at CIIS Sophia Reinders

Adjunct Senior Lecturer
East-West Psychology
School of Consciousness and Transformation (SCT)

PhD, Saybrook Institute, Phenomenology and Clinical Psychology

MA, Antioch University, Clinical Psychology, MA Universität Saarbrücken, Linguistics

Sophia Reinders PhD, MFT, REAT is the founding Director of the WisdomBody Institute for Creative Psychotherapy and Expressive Arts,

She is Adjunct Senior Lecturer in East-West Psychology, School of Consciousness and Transformation at CIIS and instructor at the Sky Mountain Institute of Expressive Arts and Eco-Arts Therapy in San Diego.

Her research interests and teaching revolve around embodied ecopsychology, strengthening the awareness of the human-earth intertwinement; creative Eco-Arts dreamwork, and the felt-sense experience of evolutionary cosmology, evoked and deepened through embodied multimodal creative practices.

Her recent publications include         

The Sensuous Kinship of Body and Earth. In Ecopsychology. VOL. 9 NO. 1

Expressive Arts, Psyche and World – Celebrating a Deeper Belonging. In

In Praise of Poiesis – The Arts and Human Existence. A Festschrift for Stephen K. Levine. Toronto, EGS Press.

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