Sean MacCracken, program coordinator of the Anthropology and Social Change MA and PhD at CIIS Sean MacCracken

Program Coordinator
Anthropology and Social Change
School of Consciousness and Transformation (SCT)

PhD, Asian and Comparative Studies, California Institute of Integral Studies

Supporting Anthropology faculty and students with a passion for organizing and media outreach, Sean completed an MA at University of Virginia in 2016, where he also served as a web manager for the Religious Studies Department as a student worker. Sean aspires to be instrumental in Anthropology’s expansion of its residency MA and PhD programs to also include full online degree programs.

His PhD research for CIIS has benefitted from field research in both Varanasi and Pune in India. His forthcoming dissertation examines, from a cognitive science perspective, some socially and politically charged differences between scholastic Hindu and Buddhist conceptions of the pragmatic dimensions of language usage, which has in turn prompted a sustained engagement with the early Pragmatist tradition, especially Peircean Pragmatism, and with the contemporary Pragmatist perspectives of Roberto Unger and Cornel West.

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