Penny Harvey, Assistant Professor in the Human Sexuality online PhD at CIIS Penny Harvey

Assistant Professor
Human Sexuality
School of Consciousness and Transformation (SCT)

Penny Harvey received their PhD in Sociology from Georgia State University (GSU), USA. Prior to studying at GSU, they studied at the University of Manchester, U.K, Australian National University, Australia, and The Open University, U.K. They are an Assistant Professor of Sociology in the Department of Human Sexuality Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies. They specialize in sexuality, gender, health, and culture approaching these from intersectional feminist perspectives, global and decolonial contexts, and critical sexuality studies. Penny has won several awards for teaching, pedagogy design, and research in the area of the scholarship of teaching and learning from the American Sociological Association, Sage publishing, and the Society for the Study of Social Problems. Penny’s secondary interests include cultural sociology and media, where Penny has worked on projects addressing Deaf identity, summer camps, representation in media, and activism.

Penny has several publications on topics including pornography, trans health, and instructor identity in pedagogy. Their primary research puts into conversation critical sexuality studies, feminist conversations on power and gender, and interactional sociology, by looking at gender and sexual pleasure. Penny hopes to continue this work drawing on community connections and collaborations, both locally, and globally in the coming years. Penny is a public sociologist and is available for interviews on any of the above topics. 

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