Photo of Nancy Arvold, Adjunct Professor in the Integral Counseling Psychology Master program at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco, CA Nancy Arvold

Adjunct Professor

PhD, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, MFT

Professor Nancy Arvold teaches cross cultural counseling and other psychology courses to graduate students from the standpoint of cultural awareness and humility, recognizing the enormous impact unconscious white privilege, white supremacist social institutions, and intersections with other "isms": gender, class, sexual orientation, etc. have on the mental health profession. She is currently teaching classes (cultural awareness and family dynamics/therapy) in graduate counseling programs at two local universities.

Dr. Arvold is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who worked for many years with public and private mental health organizations. In retirement, she maintains a small private international practice. Dr. Arvold has been the founder, co-facilitator, and senior teacher of organizations dedicated to creating awareness and sensitivity to racial and white privilege issues and continues her life work of addressing issues of treatment disparities and cultural competence in the fields of social work and psychology.

She is also a presenter and trainer in the field of white studies, anti-racism, and allyship across dimensions of oppression and privilege. She completed her Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. As part of her professional service, Dr. Arvold is a steering committee member for Psychologists for Social Responsibility, a national professional organization dedicated to social change in issues relevant to psychologists. Her focus in that organization is to challenge the white dominant culture and raise the level of cultural humility and racial awareness in the field of psychology. She also works for total reconstruction of the criminal (in) justice system, in particular for the abolition of solitary confinement.

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