kristi anderson transformative leadership adjunct faculty Kristi Anderson

Adjunct Lecturer
Transformative Leadership
Transformative Inquiry Department
School of Consciousness and Transformation

PhD, University of Louisiana, Monroe

MS, Louisiana State University

Dr. Anderson currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Research where she works with applicants interested in reducing healthcare disparities. She created a grant program at the LSU School of Medicine, New Orleans, that awards funding for physician faculty, fellows, residents, and medical students interested in reducing disparities within training hospitals and communities. She serves as the diversity officer of the LSU Lafayette campus, working with teaching physicians and residents to understand the biases that have caused mistrust and distrust within education and healthcare systems. She examines systemic influences that impede education, efficiency, and effectiveness within the macro and micro levels of the healthcare system. She also serves as the Director of Medical Education where she works to promote and advance access, equity, and inclusion not only for graduate and undergraduate medical education learners but the patients to which they serve. She creates policies and position statements on diversity and inclusion on behalf of the institution that sponsor medical education learners. She lectures to those associated with graduation medical education about the dignity and respect that we are to practice daily within our hospital’s culture. In her spare time, she serves as a consultant for a local hospital, is the Scholar in Residence for Dillard University Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Center (academic year 2021-2022) and is an adjunct lecturer for Tulane University, Family / Community Medicine - Medical Ethics & Human Values Program. All of these allow her to keep her passion and excitement about her work and keep her in touch with folks all over the country who are interested in advancing humanity’s mission of kindness and love.

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