Kris Brandenburger, Dean of Extended and Global Education at CIIS. Learn more about our online Bachelor Continuation. Kris Brandenburger

Dean of Extended and Global Education
Provost Division

Adjunct Professor
Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies
School of Undergraduate Studies

PhD, BA, California Institute of Integral Studies

Kris has more than twenty years experience working with adult learners in various academic programs ranging from Interdisciplinary Studies to Psychology, and Inquiry-based Fine Arts. She has also worked in academic administration as a program chair, associate dean, dean, accreditation liaison officer and chief academic officer at four different institutions.

She was the founding owner and principle technician at an electrical workshop in west Berkeley that specialized in repairs to the electrical systems of vintage racecars and museum quality restorations. Because such cars and their electrical bits had never been mass-produced, there wasn't ready information available about the arcana of the electrical systems. It was the gap between what could be found and what needed to be known that first led Kris to become serious about research.

Her interests include literature, bicycling, opera, and the arts in all forms. She is a published writer in several genres, with a piece of fiction currently in press with the University of Massachusetts Press, UMass, Amherst.

Kris is deeply engaged in cultures of inquiry and learning. She wonders slant.

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