Jason Butler, Associate Professor in the MA in Integral Counseling Psychology at CIIS Jason Butler

Associate Professor
Integral Counseling Psychology
School of Professional Psychology and Health (SPPH)

PhD, Pacifica Graduate Institute

MA, Saybrook University; BA, Humboldt State University

Jason Butler, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist, a practicing psychotherapist, writer, and educator. He has a strong background in Jungian/Archetypal psychology, with a lifelong interest in the study of dreams and the engagement of imagination in healing practices. His primary interests stand at the intersections of depth psychology, social justice, trauma theory, and psychedelic psychotherapy.

He is a co-founder and training director at Sage Institute, a sliding scale clinic in Oakland offering low fee ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and trauma-focused depth psychotherapy. He has volunteered with the Zendo Project at Burning Man and is a therapist with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) expanded access program using MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for treating severe PTSD. He is deeply committed to broadening diversity, accessibility, and theoretical rigor in the field of psychedelic psychotherapy.  

He has written several articles and book chapters focused on the intersection of depth psychology and social justice as well as a book entitled Archetypal Psychotherapy: The Clinical Legacy of James Hillman. He has recently co-authored an article entitled “Blinded by the White: Addressing Power and Privilege in Psychedelic Medicine” (article found here), which highlights the lack of representation of people of color in psychedelic medicine and articulates several key considerations to advance the field in a more equitable direction. You can access more of Jason’s published articles here.

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