Ishtar Kramer Ishtar Kramer

East-West Psychology
School of Consciousness and Transformation

MA, Naropa University

BA, University of the Witwatersrand

Ishtar Kramer has a M.A. in Engaged Buddhism and Social Action from Naropa University and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with an Emphasis in Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology and Ecopsychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Ishtar taught as adjunct faculty at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado in a variety of fields, including meditation, rites of passage and ecopsychology, and facilitating transformative experiences and personal growth.   Ishtar perceives teaching as deep inner work, an alchemical process that is relational, prolific, and organic; the goal of which is in the uncovering of the teacher/learner relationship an revealing that to the self and to the world. The university then is the home of learning, an alchemical vessel, which aims at quickening the maturation of lead into gold, inviting soul's pedagogy to be unfurled. Woven into the fabric of Ishtar's teaching pedagogy is a balance between academic inquiry, theory, application, experiential engagement, contemplative and mindfulness practices, expressive arts practices as well as heart centered learning. Ishtar believes that scholarship should be grounded in contemplative and integral practices, where the contemplative invites the heart and the mind to organically inform each other, and the integral invites all aspects of knowing to co-create the unfolding of the full human experience.   Ishtar strives to engage students in their own learning process, assisting them to find their voice in thinking, writing, and dialoging, through human-centered relational learning. This discovery assists students to reveal who they are as human beings, which informs not just who they are in the world but ultimately what impact they will have on the world as scholars and professionals. As students develop self-awareness they are able to move into enlightened action to be the change they want to see in the world.   Ishtar teaches the Wilderness Rites of Passage course that culminates in a transformative solo quest in nature, a diversity process class based on Deep Democracy and World Work developed by Arnold Mindell, entitled Conscious Diversity: Inner and Outer, the East-West Psychology Community Retreat, the Intro to East-West Psychology class, as well as the culminating MA Integrative Seminar.

East-West Psychology Faculty

Debashish Banerji Debashish Banerji
Haridas Chaudhuri Professor & East-West Psychology Chair, Doshi Professor of Asian Art
PhD, University of California, Los Angeles,
MS, University of Louisville; BA, Bombay University,
Francoise Bourzat Francoise Bourzat
Adjunct Senior Lecturer, East-West Psychology
MA, New College of San Francisco,
BA, Antioch University,
Susana Bustos, PhD Susana Bustos, PhD
Adjunct Faculty Member & Alum, East-West Psychology
PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies,
MA, Universidad de Chile *(WES equivalency of studies),
Brendan Collins Brendan Collins
Faculty Emeritus, Integral Counseling Psychology & East-West Psychology
PhD, U.S. International University; MTS, Graduate Theological Union,
MS, San Francisco State University; BA, St. John’s University,
Jan Edl Stein Jan Edl Stein
Adjunct Lecturer, East-West Psychology
MA, University of San Francisco,
BA, Rutgers University,
Jorge N Ferrer Jorge N Ferrer
Professor, East-West Psychology, Integral and Transpersonal Psychology
PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies; Lic. Psicologia Clinica, University of Barcelona,
BA equivalent, University of Barcelona,
Marilyn Fowler Marilyn Fowler
Adjunct Lecturer, East-West Psychology
PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies; MA, John F. Kennedy University,
BA, San Diego State University,
Ishtar Kramer Ishtar Kramer
Lecturer, East-West Psychology
MA, Naropa University,
BA, University of the Witwatersrand,
Helge Osterhold Helge Osterhold
Professor, East-West Psychology
PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies; MA, Integral Counseling Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies,
BA Human Relations, Golden Gate University,
Janis Phelps Janis Phelps
Professor, East-West Psychology
Director, Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research
PhD, MA, University of Connecticut; BA, Allegheny College,
Sophia Reinders Sophia Reinders
Adjunct Senior Lecturer, East-West Psychology
PhD, Saybrook Institute,
MA, Antioch University ,
David Treleaven David Treleaven
Adjunct Lecturer,
PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies,
MA, BA University of British Columbia,
Carol Whitfield Carol Whitfield
Professor, East-West Psychology
PhD, San Francisco School of Psychology; PhD, Graduate Theological Union,
MA, University of California, Berkeley; BA, Sonoma State College,

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