Heather Zeng

Adjunct Faculty
Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (MCP)

PhD, Colorado State University

MS, Capella University- School of Education, Troy State University

Dr. Zeng is originally from Connecticut and grew up in Naples, Florida. She spent formative years reflecting outdoors, relishing in a family with diverse and varied interests, and shaking sand from the beach out of a multitude of library books returned. These were the beginnings of her curiosity for people, social justice, and counseling that she brings to her dynamic teaching and class experience.

She is an LPC (WY), NCC (NCC)(C), and CCC under NCDA. Dr. Zeng is also a Board-Certified Tele mental Health Counselor and Board-Certified Coach (BCC). She has a Ph.D. from Colorado State University bridging expertise in both Counseling and Career Development. Dr. Zeng also brings over fifteen years of counseling experience, including working with military members and their families, At-Risk Youth in rural and urban settings, immigrant populations, and multi-national contexts. Her interests are in transition and change in the VUCA environment, intuition in counseling, creative approaches in supervision, and non-western approaches to personal growth. Dr. Zeng has written in the area of experiential activities in supervision, VR technology in counselor programs, bibliotherapy, ethics and coaching, critical incidents in career development, international human resource development, and online faculty collaboration. She has also published widely in syndication around career development topics. Lastly, her work has forged partnerships on international projects centering on African Development with French-Speaking Women leaders and African Educators, online learning, and change management.

Dr. Zeng lives in the SF Bay area and enjoys all things California- from the weather, outdoors, cultures, and more.

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