Deb Kirby

Adjunct Faculty
Transformative Inquiry Department
Human Sexuality
School of Consciousness and Transformation

Adjunct Faculty
Integrative Health Studies
School of Professional Psychology and Health

Deb received her Ph.D. in Transformative Studies from CIIS in 2017 with an emphasis on organizational culture and transformational change. Prior to her academic career, she was a marketing executive on both the agency and client sides, and was an organizational development consultant specializing in corporate vision, group dynamics, and conflict resolution using pragmatic inquiry. Though grounded in organization theory and organizational development and behavior, Deb’s research is a transdisciplinary approach using transformative learning theory, appreciative inquiry, mindful organizing, and metaphor. She seeks to understand what perpetuates deeply rooted problems or issues from below the surface. Her research contribution challenges theorists, researchers, consultants, and internal organizational members to re-examine their existing relationships with change, resistance, confrontation, and cooperation to create an adaptable and resilient organizational environment favorable for lasting transformation. Deb is an adjunct lecturer in the CIIS School of Consciousness and Transformation, the School of Professional Psychology and Health, and is a Distinguished Fellow of the CIIS Center for Writing and Scholarship where she primarily works with dissertation writers in developing critical thinking and academic writing skills. Metaphor as an extrarational way of knowing and a portal to generativity has been a long-time research focus. She has ghostwritten over 60 articles for publication in trade and business journals, and most recently authored an article for Strategic HR Review.

Kirby, D. (2019), "Changing the nature of organizational change," Strategic HR Review, Vol. 18 No. 4, pp. 155-160; “Healing the corporate body: A 21st century metaphor for change.” Human Science Institute conference on Compassion, Connection and Response-Ability, September 2016.

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