David S. B. Mitchell, Faculty in the Integral Transpersonal Psychology online PhD at CIIS David S. B. Mitchell

Assistant Professor
Integral and Transpersonal Psychology
School of Consciousness and Transformation (SCT)

PhD, Howard University

MA, Howard University; BA, University of California at San Diego (UCSD)

David Salisbury Brown Mitchell, Ph.D. values an intuitive, transdisciplinary, and collaborative approach to his educational endeavors. Since the early 2000s, he has contributed to a variety of interdisciplinary research and evaluation projects, including those focused on: exceptional experiences, interoception, and mindfulness; integrative health; the intersection of education and culture; and racial identity, personality, and autobiographical memory.

Prior to joining CIIS, Dr. Mitchell taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Trinity Washington University and the University of West Georgia. His interests include integral and transpersonal memory phenomena and themes, their relationship to exceptional experiences, and ancient African--particularly Kemetic Egyptian--application to modern psychology.

Dr. Mitchell holds undergraduate and graduate degrees focusing on interdisciplinary approaches to human development and developmental psychology, respectively, from UC San Diego and Howard University. 

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