Cosmin Gheorge, Adjunct Faculty in the Bachelor of Science in Psychology at CIIS in San Francisco, CA. Cosmin Gheorghe

Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
School of Undergraduate Studies (SUS)

MA, California Institute of Integral Studies (concentration in Drama Therapy)

MD, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara (UMFT)

Cosmin Gheorghe, MD, MFT, holds degrees in Psychology and Medicine and works with individuals, families, and groups, guiding them throughout highly unpredictable environments, also known as Life and Work.  He is core faculty at the EXA Department, School of Professional Psychology and Health. 

Cosmin is also a Culture Influencer™, speaker, consultant and author and was interviewed by Forbes (“Why Culture Matters”).

He hosts a series of Podcasts with interviews and talks about culture, globalization and human relationships.

As a contributor to the Huffington Post, Cosmin covered a variety of themes and topics at the intersection of culture, diversity and inclusion, technology, globalization, human development and social relationships. He likes to see his work as a thought leadership path, as described by Daniel Rasmus: “thought leadership should intrigue, challenge, and inspire even people already familiar with a company. It should help start a relationship where none exists, and it should enhance existing relationships.”

March 2018: Intercultural Communication for Community Leaders and Mental Health Practitioners, research and training for Wellness in Action (WiA), Oakland, CA.

March 2017: Intercultural Intelligence: Becoming a Community Culture Influencer, research and training for Diversity in Health Training Institute (DHTI), Oakland, CA.

October 2015-January 2016: Intercultural Relationships and Cultural Intelligence for Mental Health Practitioners, research on behalf of Community Health for Asian Americans, Oakland, CA.

March 2015: The Feminine Culture: 6 Things I Learned from Women That Make Me #Thrive, published in The Huffington Post.

December 2014: Incarceration and Communication: Why Meaningful Social Relationships Matter, published in The Huffington Post.

October 2014: On Pride and Loneliness: Separation, Attachment and the Power to Be, published in The Huffington Post.

July 2014: 5 Intercultural Issues That Can Make Life Easy for Entrepreneurs, Expats and VCs, published in The Huffington Post.

June 2014: Trends, Individuality and Belonging Part I: 5 Stars and Algorithms, published in The Huffington Post.

May 2014: Happiness Guaranteed: The Backwardness of the American Dream, published in The Huffington Post.

2010: The Angel Who Was Not: Drama Therapy and Depression, published in the volume Creative Art Therapies and Depression, Charles C. Thomas Publishers.

October 2008: Surviving the Freedom of Manipulating Our Emotions, published in the volume The Use of Creative Arts Therapies with Chemical Dependency Issues, Stephanie L. Brooke (Editor), Charles C. Thomas Publishers.

September 2007: The Sacred and the Profane Food: Ritual and Compulsion in Eating Disorders, published in Creative Arts Therapies and Eating Disorders, Stephanie L. Brooke (Editor), Charles C. Thomas Publishers.

September 2002: The Role of Negative Emotions as Factors Leading to Major Life Changes – qualitative research under the supervision of Don Hanlon Johnson, PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA.

December 2002: Social Loneliness, Anxiety and Addiction: Using Aesthetic Distance in Drama Therapy, graduation paper, California Institute of Integral Studies. Coordinator: Judith Glass, PhD.

1999: Drama Therapy, Art Therapy and Schizophrenia - Dijon Psychiatric Hospital de la Chartreuse and CATTP Bachelard, Dijon, France.

1998: Roma Community Research on behalf of George Soros Foundation for an Open Society, Timisoara, Romania - explored the use of expressive arts as a social inclusion tool for underserved Roma communities.

July 1997: Attachment and the Premises of Play Therapy. The Early Intervention, Medical School Graduation Thesis. Coordinator: Violeta Stan, MD, Child Psychiatrist, President of Save the Children organization.

December 1996: Sophia, theater play, Thespis Theater, Timisoara, Romania. The third part of a theater play trilogy (which includes The Eclipse and The Inside Cage) aimed at researching the impact of theatrical performance on eliciting cathartic emotions and fostering community cohesion. 


SPEECHES & WORKSHOPS (selective list)

May 2018: Human Relationships and Technology, annual i4j Leadership Forum, Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Menlo Park, CA.

October 2017: The Inner Lizard: Culture, Behavior and the New American Dream, interactive presentation for i4J Leadership Forum, Gallup HQ, Washington, D.C.

January 2016: Values, Beliefs, Attitudes, Symbols: Cultures as Ecosystems, interactive lecture, Innovation For Jobs Summit Foundation (i4j), Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Menlo Park, CA.

June 2016: Globalization and Social Relationships: Will Your Culture Survive Disruption, presented within the thought-leaders forum, Innovation for Jobs series of web lectures.

June 2015: From Carrot & Stick to A Culture of Global Leadership,
Interactive lecture, The Culture Summit, San Francisco, CA.

April 2015: Human Relationships, Economics & Cultural Intelligence, General Assembly University, San Francisco, CA.

June-July 2014: Leadership Summer University, in collaboration with the local non-profit Tasuleasa Social, Transylvania, Romania. 

February 2013: NO! How Everything Begins. Towards a New Paradigm of the Adult-Child Relationship, interactive lecture, Centro Gestalt dela Savana, Bogota, Colombia .

September 2012: TV interview, The New Paradigm in the Adult-Child Relationship, Romanian National Television Timisoara (TVRT), Romania. 

May 2009: Encounter, Separation, and Togetherness: Using Creative Arts in Mental Health and Other Professions, Bogota D.C., Colombia.

March 2009: Assertion, Aggression, Affirmation, Synergis Counseling, San Francisco, CA.

June 2005: Individuation, Individuality, and Individualism: The Politics of Separation, Washington, D.C.

1998 – 2000: Between Inclusion and Freedom, seminars for members of Roma Community.

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