Clark Hsu

Adjunct Professor
Expressive Arts Therapy
Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology
School of Professional Psychology and Health

Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia (1973), Patricia became involved with social justice and community development work in her late teens. As a young psychology student she had the opportunity to work along with community leaders formed in the 70’s and 80’s in the Popular Education and Pedagogy of the Oppressed School of thought and action. As she grew into her own interests and passions she became involved with innovative grassroots projects in her country that involved theater and the expressive arts to promote conflict resolution and social change. Her desire to learn more about the use of the arts for community development and peace led her to pursue studies in the United States where she eventually found love and started a  family. She is the Founder and Program Director of Wellness in Action a community based workforce development and training program for unserved and underserved immigrant and refugee community leaders interested in joining the community mental health field, and has recently joined Diversity in Health Training Institute as their Adult Career Pathways Program Director.  She also holds a part time practice in San Francisco.  

Her research interests span across the community arts and community mental health field, liberatory teaching and learning practices and qualitative and arts based program design and evaluation.  

Patricia is also a book artist and painter. Her explorations in this field began with her love of books and her desire to process through the arts her experiences.  This need, coupled with her desire to hold space for others gave way to founding Art Journaling Workshops, a process based arts practice  she's been keeping for more than 15 years as well as facilitating for the past 7 years.  As her artistic skills moved from process to product she began to derive pleasure in telling stories through her images, stories that represent the colors and sights that populate her inner world and reflect all that surrounds her. Her art-books , journals and paintings are the threads that weave her journey between the magical and the real that run through the fabric of her everyday life.

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