Cindy Shearer, Professor and chair of the Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) at CIIS Cindy Shearer

Program Chair; Professor
Master of Fine Arts
Interdisciplinary Arts
School of Consciousness and Transformation

Program Chair
Integral and Transpersonal Psychology
School of Professional Psychology and Health

Doctor of Arts (DA), State University of New York at Albany
MA, Antioch University

Cindy Shearer, DA, is the founding director for the MFA programs at CIIS. She serves as Department Chair for Interdisciplinary Arts and Professor in the MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Writing. She also chairs the PhD in Integral Transpersonal Psychology. A writer, text/image artist, and curator, she practices and teaches writing as art, a process she writes “reconfigures the boundaries of writing and visual art.” She created Ten Not-So-Tangible Tools for Writers, a meditation on the writing process in text and image. Cindy has also worked extensively in program development and curriculum design and as a developmental editor, consultant, and writing coach.

Writing Selections:

· “Dementia Moment” Mission at Tenth, Best of Issue (Volume 8),

· “The Art of Image: Seeing the Way Home,” in M. Garbutt & N. Roenpagel (Eds.) & A. Rourke and V. Rees (Series Curators), The mindful eye: Contemplative pedagogies in visual arts education. Transformative pedagogies in the visual domain: Book No. 3.

· “The Art of Being, Why the Inter-arts Matter for Writers,” Exploring Creative Writing: Voices from the Great Writing International Creative Writing Conference, CSP Publishers

Podcast Selections: · Lost-Proof, Artifact Series, Season One

· Meaning Making, Meaning Making Series, Episode 1, · Art as Inquiry,

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