Ben Cline-Suzuki, Director of Online Learning at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco, CA. Learn more about our online degree offering including online Masters and Online PhDs Ben Cline-Suzuki

Dean of Information Technology
Provost Division

Dean Cline-Suzuki came to CIIS in 2015. Prior to this he spent more than a decade in the Pacific region in Enterprise Resource Planning systems for the U.S. Federal Government.

The Online Learning and Information Technology team makes technology accessible. It provides instructional design, knowledgebases, and delivers training.He leads the Dean’s Council on Technology (DCT), a group of CIIS community members who evaluate potential technologies and promote adoption of new technologies at the university.

Cline-Suzuki’s academic research includes work on the influence technological determination on nation-state trade agreements, technology self-efficacy for knowledge acquisition and network security, and the evolution of data networks to delivery content to end users. He is a National Security Education Program grant recipient for his research in Russia on how distance from an academic institution impacts knowledge acquisition.

Drawn to CIIS by the school’s commitment to social justice, Cline-Suzuki is committed to providing technology as a medium for instruction and learning. He is an advocate of decolonizing research and conducts workshops on “upside-down technology” about using technology in ways that lessen constraints placed on users by the designers of technology.

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