Anna Benassi, Assistant Professor in the MA in Integral Counseling Psychology at CIIS Anna Benassi

Assistant Professor
School of Professional Psychology and Health (SPPH)
Integral Counseling Psychology

Anna Benassi MA, LMFT- is a licensed marriage and Family therapist. Born and raised in the SF Bay Area. At a very young age Anna demonstrated a love for psychology, learning and teaching. Becoming enthralled with the teachings of Abram Maslow helped Anna become determined to grow and help others in a client centered way.

Anna has had previous careers in nursing, law enforcement and Social Work. All of those experiences has pointed to a love of working with people. A practicing Buddhist Anna embraces here and now experience and is clinically focused on humanistic approaches to therapy, phenomenology, the psychobiology of attachment and systems approaches to couples and family therapy.

Anna is a clinical supervisor and has a Gestalt centered supervision group and two supervision groups focused on working with couples. Anna has taught Gestalt therapy, Couples Counselling, Family Therapy, Clinical Relationship, Integrative Seminar and Psychopathology and Assessment.

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