On The New Rules of Attachment
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On The New Rules of Attachment

A Conversation With Judy Ho and Kini Chang

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Did you know that attachment styles impact more than romantic relationships? As it turns out, most of us are thinking about Attachment Theory all wrong, and triple board-certified clinical and forensic neuropsychologist Dr. Judy Ho is here to set the record straight. 

Grounded in the science of attachment, Dr. Ho’s game-changing approach shows that our attachment style impacts every aspect of our lives: friendships, career, goal setting, and–critically–our sense of self. Moreover, we can all learn to become securely attached, no matter what attachment style we developed in childhood. This means that we can reclaim our ability to feel safe, loved, and capable of achieving the life we’ve always wanted. 

In her latest book, The New Rules of Attachment, Dr. Ho guides us to identify our attachment style, recognize our core needs and wounds, and implement evidence-based practical tools to heal our inner child as we develop the secure attachment style we all need to thrive. 

Join Kini Chang, Chair and Core Faculty at CIIS’ Counseling Psychology Program, Community Mental Health Concentration, in a conversation with Dr. Ho about her latest book and how to begin to develop unconditional self-love and a meaningful, joyful life.

Dr. Judy Ho color portrait. Dr. Ho is smiling, has medium-length brown hair that is parted to one side. She is wearing earrings, and a grey-colored top.

Dr. Judy Ho, PhD, ABPP, ABPdN is a triple board certified and licensed Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychologist, a tenured Associate Professor at Pepperdine University, and published author. She penned Stop Self-Sabotage (published by HarperCollins in August 2019), a book detailing a scientifically driven six-step program which has been translated into seven additional languages around the world. Her second book, co-authored with Max Dubrow, titled I’ll Give it to Your Straight-ish: What Your Teen Wants You to Know, was published by Flashpoint in November 2021 and contains Dr. Ho’s evidence-based tips to help parents raise healthy and resilient teenagers. Dr. Ho’s third book, The New Rules of Attachment, which focuses on healing insecure attachment styles at any age to optimize well-being, career, goal attainment, and relationships with family, friends, and colleagues, will be published by Hachette Book Group in March 2024.  

Dr. Ho maintains a private practice in Manhattan Beach, CA where she specializes in comprehensive neuropsychological assessments and expert witness work. She regularly appears as an expert psychologist on television, podcasts, radio, and contributes to other media including print and electronic periodicals. She was a co-host on the syndicate daytime television talk show The Doctors, co-host of CBS’s Face the Truth, and host of The SuperCharged Life podcast. 

Dr. Ho is an avid researcher and a two-time recipient of the National Institute of Mental Health Services Research Award. She teaches master's and doctoral level psychology students, hosts an active research program to improve mental health care for high-need populations, and is the chair of the Institutional Review Board at Pepperdine University. Her treatment approaches integrate the scientific principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. She is a sought-after keynote speaker and educator for national and local events including research, clinical, and corporate conferences and workshops for businesses, organizations, and schools. 

Dr. Ho received her bachelor's degrees in psychology and business administration from University of California Berkeley and Haas school of Business, and her master's and doctorate from the San Diego State University/University of California School of Medicine’s Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. She completed a National Institute of Mental Health sponsored fellowship at UCLA's Semel Institute. She is a diplomate of the American Board of Professional Psychology, American Board of Pediatric Neuropsychology, and National Board of Forensic Evaluators.

Kini Chang color portrait Kini is an Asian woman with wavy, medium-length hair in shades of light brown, light blond, silver, gray. She is posed in front of a blurred background

Kini Chang is the Chair and Core Faculty at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) Counseling Psychology Program, Community Mental Health Concentration. At CIIS, she has the opportunity to build a culturally and racially inclusive community of students, faculty, and leadership that embodies diversity and equity. She has the privilege of teaching and consulting for a number of higher education institutions. She comes from a Liberation Psychology and social justice lens when working with trauma associated with systemic oppression, social inequity, community violence, abuse and attachment, juvenile justice reformation, and traumatic grief and loss. Her role as an educator, activist, and healer are guiding principles in her work in the community.    

In addition to her role at the university, she has a private practice in Oakland, CA where she specializes in intergenerational and multigenerational familial trauma, transitional struggles and life challenges, anxiety and depression brought on by environmental and social impacts, multicultural/racial couples relational therapy, as well parent education and coaching on adolescent development and child rearing. As an advocate for quality holistic, innovative, and accessible healthcare for all, she is also a member of the UCSF Integrative Health and Medicine Committee to integrate holistic and nontraditional forms of wellness and medicine into our healthcare to offer alternatives and culturally accommodating services.

With 20+ years of experience working with teens, adults, and families, she is dedicated to the holistic healing of the mind, body, and soul. She is a native to the bay area, artist, dancer, avid traveler, and finds creative expression and storytelling as a platform for deep healing. Many people describe her as warm, understanding, and down to earth.  

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