Career Fair - Spring 2024 Edition
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Career Fair - Spring 2024 Edition

CIIS students and alumni are invited to join us for a week of networking opportunities to connect with potential employers, alumni, and peers.

Welcome to Career Fair, Spring 2024 Edition!


Ready to take the next step towards your dream career? We encourage you to “start where you are.”

This invitation is more than a call to action; it's an affirmation. It's our way of recognizing that wherever you find yourself on your career path is the perfect place to be. Our career fair is designed for those navigating the unique career landscapes that follow a CIIS degree, where passions may take you beyond the bounds of conventional pathways.

At CIIS, we celebrate each individual journey. The career fair is here to equip you with the resources, connections, and insights to confidently face the complexities and uncertainties of the career world in 2024. Recognize that career development is not a sprint but a personal evolution, a step-by-step journey toward actualizing your potential.

Join us for a week of networking opportunities to connect with potential employers, alumni, and peers; workshops and panels to glean actionable insights from industry leaders; and career guidance to receive tailored advice from counselors attuned to the unique nature of our fields.

The fair is complimentary for all CIIS students and registration is necessary to secure your spot.

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What to Expect

Job Application Support

Maximize your potential with our hands-on resources:

  • Resume Aid: Drop in for free resume evaluations from our career experts to sharpen your professional image.
  • Interview Workshop: Improve your performance in interviews with our speed interview sessions.
  • Professional Headshots: Elevate your online presence with complimentary professional headshots, perfect for LinkedIn and beyond.

Career Assessment Education

Discover more about yourself with our workshops on various career assessments—Archetypal psychology, Enneagram, DISC, and MBTI. Understand your unique strengths and how they can inform your career path, reinforced by guidance from specialists in career assessment and entrepreneurship.

Building a Private Practice

Interested in entrepreneurship within therapy? Don't miss our panel, 'Navigating Associateship, How to approach entering the mental health field as a clinical associate”, where you'll learn about starting and sustaining a successful private practice as a therapist-entrepreneur.

Holistic Health Saloon

Experience the talents of our CIIS community and network with student and alumni practitioners offering mini sessions of bodywork, massage, Reiki, coaching, tarot, personal growth, and handmade products—all in one vibrant space. Apply to be a vendor & get your work out there!

Breakfast Meet & Greet

Start your day with inspiration! Connect with peers over coffee, exchange career ideas, and network in a relaxed setting. These early conversations could lead to breakthroughs in your career direction or even a future opportunity.

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The CIIS Career Fair is offered at no cost to all CIIS students and alumni. However, we require pre-registration to ensure a quality experience for everyone involved.

Seize this unique chance to interact with a diverse range of professionals and carve out a future that aligns perfectly with you. Sign up now, mark your calendar, and get ready to shape your destiny, one connection at a time.

We encourage you to take full advantage of the resources and support that the Career Fair has to offer. Feel free to reach out to with questions. Our virtual doors are always open, and we are eager to assist you on your journey of crafting a meaningful career.