Benevolent Conjurations: Exploring Africana Cosmology
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Benevolent Conjurations: Exploring Africana Cosmology

Presented by the Black Psychology Program and the Center for Black and Indigenous Praxis, delve into the depths of Africana Cosmology with Mary Hearns-Ayodele

Throughout the presentation, we will delve into the essence of Africana Cosmology, unraveling its significance and relevance across different epochs. Mary Hearns-Ayodele will guide us through an immersive discussion, shedding light on the profound connections between ancient wisdom and contemporary understanding within the African context and its diaspora.

This event is open to all students, staff, faculty, and community members who have a keen interest in exploring diverse cultural perspectives and expanding their understanding of cosmological concepts.

About the Presenter

Mary Hearns-Ayodele headshot

Mary Hearns-Ayodele is a distinguished figure, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to our exploration. As a prophetess, herbalist, and doctoral student in the department of Women's Spirituality at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIS), Mary's expertise promises to offer profound insights into the intricate facets of Africana Cosmology.

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