Church Street Integral Counseling Center staff members are advanced graduate students enrolled in the accredited Integral Counseling Psychology program at CIIS. Each counselor is selected on the basis of sensitivity, competence, and commitment to service. Every trainee therapist is closely supervised by licensed psychotherapists. The Center adheres to the licensing laws of the state of California and implements the ethical practices of relevant professional organizations.

We take great care in making sure that each client is matched with the most suitable therapist based on needs, experiences, availability and clinical focus.

Pictured below are the Center's therapists and administrative staff. The names from bottom to top and left to right are: Shalini Rao, Josephine Zhou, Gurmeen Aneja, Kari Sandell, Yeldar Zhurgenov, Colette Mercier, Joe Puma, Luna Lucas, Noelle Braddock, Beth Brown, Frank Ehrenfried, Ziqiu Yan, Eric Gronley, Eric Young, Taunya Black, Brian Voight, Gieve Patel, Cibelle Tchobnian dos Santos, Katie King, Elizabeth Gilbert, Debbie Stone, Amick Boone, Nicole Khanna, Saunders Moore.

Church Street Integral Counseling Center staff pictured sitting in front of the center


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