By Heidi Fraser Hageman April 30, 2016

Sylvia Hartowicz, East-West Psychology PhDc, has launched her website, as well as developed new offerings to share with the community. In Exploring the Dreamscape participants will delve deep into the unconscious and uncover the hidden messages of dreams. The focus will be on dream-tending, meaning "listening deeply to the voices of the dream images themselves as they come forward to offer their insights and perspectives"(Aizenstat). Participants will come into relationship with the images in their dreams, bringing them to life and encountering them in creative ways. Although, visual art will be the primary art-form used in the group, participants will also have the opportunity to journal, write poems, and use movement as a way to gain insight into their dreams. Ritual and meditation will be incorporated as well, bringing a spiritual element to the group. Next group is May 19th! For more info check out

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