Students and employees should immediately report any crime to the facilities manager at (415) 575-6283 and the dean of students at (415) 575-6171

Please report any crime that occurs in these locations: 

  • On campus (Main campus on the 1400 block of Mission Street) 
  • In any off-campus building owned or controlled by CIIS 
  • On public property immediately adjacent to or accessible from the CIIS campus 

Students and employees are cautioned never to attempt to apprehend or pursue a suspected criminal. Crimes or suspected criminals should be reported to the facilities manager and dean of students or, if appropriate, to 911. 

If you have any doubts whether to report something that has occurred, report it. Victims or witnesses of crimes may disclose them on a voluntary, confidential basis to the director of public safety or the dean of students. The designated CIIS administrators can then determine whether the event constitutes a crime that has to be collected and statistically reported. Your cooperation in timely reporting assists CIIS to issue timely warnings to the community. All crimes must be reported immediately. 

View the student handbook for information on drug and alcohol policy, sexual assault and sexual harassment.